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Al Hayat Medical Centers

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Al Hayat Medical Centers (HMC) is a pioneer private health care company in the city of Jerusalem. Established in1990, Al Hayat Medical Centers, an extension for Peace Medical Centers founded by Dr. Basem Abu Asab.

Al Hayat Medical Centers believes in its mission pertaining to the importance of primary health care and its impact on the health of the community. Since its establishment, the company has developed and equipped all its health facilities with the best international technology, and extended its services across Jerusalem through its six branches. Al Hayat Medical Centers has received certificates of superiority for the excellence and high quality services.

Al Hayat Medical Centers provides its health services to approximately forty thousand members in addition to members of Arab companies, special cases, schools and other organizations. Al Hayat Medical Centers has played an important role in developing the quality level of the health services rendered to the Jerusalemite public exceeding the quality of the services available in the surrounding Arab countries. This has lessened the tiresomeness and difficulty of moving from one clinic to another looking for diagnostic centers. Al Hayat Medical Centers has facilitated this difficulty by providing all the services under one roof.

More than a hundred highly competent doctors and specialists, of different medical specialties, work in Al Hayat Medical Centers to ensure patients’ comfort and care until midnight. Moreover, Al Hayat Medical Centers focuses on organizing medical lectures targeting the public and the doctors in order to raise the health awareness level and keep up with the scientific progress benefitting from the centers’ lecture hall. Additionally, the centers offer home care services for patients who are incapable of reaching the clinics, in addition to training new graduates.

At the end of 2006, the largest medical center in the area was inaugurated in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and another center in ​​Beit Hanina area. In due course, Peace Medical Centers were merged to the group of Al Hayat Medical Centers forming seven centers that offer comprehensive medical services and tests for all its members taking into consideration that the distributions of the centers’ locations cover the major residential areas in the city. The centers of Ras Al-Amud, Bab Al-Zaherah and Bab Al-Amud serve the residents of the Old City and its surroundings, whereas the centers of Shufat, Beit Hanina and Kofr Aqab serve the residents of these neighborhoods.  Whilst the largest and most comprehensive center in the heart of Jerusalem is situated in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in a unique location that is accessible for all to obtain medical services and in immediate time.

Since the last decade of the last century, Al Hayat Medical Centers has been able to stand out in delivering health care services to citizens, in addition to conducting many activities and social services to raise awareness and provide care for citizens.

In spite of its modern medical equipment and facilities, Al Hayat Medical Centers (HMC) is also distinguished for having a digital computer system in all of its clinics and departments, such as the radiology and laboratory departments. This system records the results in a short time and simultaneously in the doctor’s computer. Al Hayat Medical Centers also operates an array of integrated and advanced digital computer system that manages medical files, internal and external correspondence, and ensures that all patients' medical data are saved in the computer system.

The spirit of work in the group stems from the Koranic verse (Whoever keeps it alive, it is as though he kept alive all men). The centers’ staff would not spare any effort to save the lives of an injured or alleviate the pain of any suffering patient.

Goals of Al Hayat Medical Centers:
* To provide medical services at the highest level.
* To provide comprehensive health support within the same center.
* To alleviate the suffering and hardship for patients and ensure that patients’ medical needs are met.
* To introduce the latest cutting edge medical equipment and technology.
* To be available for long working hours during the day and night.
* To provide homecare services for cases incapable to reach the centers.
* To save time and effort for patients through early diagnosis and treatment.
* To early detect cases of chronic diseases.
* To raise awareness to prevent modern chronic diseases.
* To exempt and guarantee financial savings to patients in many services.











Greetings full of love and respect to our members,

Greetings to those of you who would like to join the membership of Al Hayat Medical Centers,

Realizing and true to the mission of Al Hayat Medical Centers "to provide integrated health care services"

We are delighted to present you with the website of Al Hayat Medical Centers with all its branches in East Jerusalem to define the mission and goals of our centers and what characterizes our outstanding medical services for your health. The site contains the doctors’ working hours in the branches of the centers and the health and medical services available in the centers. This website also aims to keep continuous contact with you and present you with a wide range of medical and health advice and guidance for all patients in all departments.

With the arrival of another year, Al Hayat Medical Centers enters 22 years of benevolent work in the field of primary health care services in the city of Jerusalem. Al Hayat Medical Centers is an extension for Peace Medical Centers founded in 1990 which culminated with the establishment of Sheikh Jarrah Center- considered the best center in the country. The center received a certificate of excellence from the municipality health for three consecutive years. We are still striving to live up to the highest international professional standards in the field of primary health care.

We still plan to further develop and modernize our medical equipment at the highest levels; in order to deliver our services swiftly as has always been known about Al Hayat Medical Centers. We will continue to relieve the trouble and suffering of our patients by caring for their comfort through our staff in the emergency department, within each center’s departments and the ambulance.

With our Best Wishes for your health and wellness

 We will remain with you for a bright and healthy tomorrow