Cardiac Care Unit

Cardiac Care Unit


Al Hayat Medical Centers provide a special unit for the treatment and follow-up of heart attacks, coronary insufficiency and increased heart rate and cardiac muscle. This unit also examines the heart through stress test and ECHO to find out of any early symptoms of stroke or heart failure.


The Heart Unit provides the following services:

- Sound waves echo (ECHO) for the diagnosis of all cases of heart disease, heart valve injuries or congenital heart chambers.

- ECG with (Treadmill test) to ensure the health of the arteries and diagnose problems.

- Follow-up to the heart via your home ECG (Holter) for 24 or 48 hours, which examines and monitors and arteries and heart muscles at home, for those who suffer from pain or doubts in the work of the heart.
The device is given to the patient to be a record for his heart condition during the follow-up period.

- ECG latest devices that save the results into a computer and add the results directly to the patient's file.