Nursing Management:

The Nursing Dept. undertakes the management services provided by the nursing staff to patients who are receiving medical care in Al Hayat Medical Centers. The department also oversees those services, coordinate and monitor the process of provision and support.


Services and Tasks:

The Nursing services include the following tasks:

- Ensure consistency of nursing procedures, standards, and regulations and procedures related to the entire centers.

- Ensure efficient nursing staff during the administrative processes in which they are developing staff members and assess their competencies and performance.

- Ensure the availability of nursing services to patients in a timely manner and on an ongoing basis.

-Use of resources provided by the Center for Nursing Services.

- Application of the guidance in the field of patient care.

- Prepare plans for intervention and provision of nursing care.


- Reduce complications and support improvement in the patient's health and comfort.


- Assess the needs of each patient for nursing services.

- Participating with other departments in the centers for the development of programs and services and provision of health care to patients.

- Inform other health care professionals at the center about the cases in an appropriate manner.

- Active participation in the tasks and activities of the management of the center.