Women's Care Unit

Women’s Care Unit


Women’s care unit is overseen at the centers by a number of gynecologists where they follow up pregnancies with the most advanced monitors and by performing all the necessary laboratory tests. Each specialist requests the necessary tests to ensure the safety of the fetus from any congenital malformations in the early stages of pregnancy, and follows up until the last months of pregnancy. Obstetricians and gynecologists communicate with the maternity hospitals and take the necessary measures.

Al Hayat Medical Centers has many tests and devices that take care of women:

- Early detection of breast cancer and imaging

- Early detection of cervical cancer (colposcopy)


-Early disease detection of the uterus with endoscopy necessary

- Pregnancy follow-up of the fetal heartbeat on monitor

- Detecting osteoporosis through densitometer

- A four-dimensional ultrasound test for fetus

- Performing infertility tests.