Physical Therapy section provides a wide range of services to individuals. The department’s is concerned with the promotion of mobility to the maximum extent possible and the functional capacity at all stages of life. Physiotherapy treatment is considered a crucial medical service and a prerequisite complementary treatment of patients of all ages, especially children and the elderly. Treatment includes water treatment and massage, electrotherapy and exercise therapy and rehabilitation.

Some cases addressed by the Physiotherapy at Al Hayat Medical Center:

- Different kinds of sports injuries (torn anterior cruciate ligament or meniscus in the knee, ankle sprain, torn muscles and ligaments, dislocation of the shoulder joint, tendonitis in elbow (tennis elbow), bruising.

- Different kinds of cases of paralysis (halves, lower quadrant, spinal problems and sliding cartilage in the back or neck pain resulting from it.

- Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis pain and nerves (neuritis VII) and the muscles and ligaments and tendons.

- Roughness joints (knee, shoulder, spine, pelvis) and the resulting pain.

- Weakness and muscle atrophy.

- Rehabilitation after knee telescope to rebuild cruciate ligament, stiff joints caused by fractures by casting or slides and screws, replace the knee joint or pelvic industrial joint, after the shoulder joint returns deposed to its proper position.

The section includes a lounge equipped with the latest equipment, including hot and cold compresses and processing device alerts electrical currents and ultrasound device to strengthen the shoulder, arm and ankle in addition to the metal weights that are used to strengthen the muscles and tightening device vertebrae of the spine.

Work schedules for the department starts from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm every day of the week except Friday.