Medicines & Pharmacies



We are here to serve you…

To ensure that we save time and effort for our members, Al Hayat Medical Centers have established pharmacies within its centers: Sheikh Jarrah, Beit Hanina, Ras al-Amud, Shufat, where medications can be directly dispensed to members. The pharmacies working hours within the centers begins at 8:00 am until midnight every day.

What Distinguishes our Centers’ Pharmacies:

* Pharmacies dispense most of the medications needed by members.

* Provide assistance and medical equipment supplements important to health.

* Provide cosmetics and fragrances at very special prices to members of the centers.

* We propose a monthly special offer for members to make them enjoy our huge discounts on cosmetic, perfume, and dietary supplements.

* In addition, Al Hayat Medical Centers has a network of pharmacies geographically distributed across numerous areas of Jerusalem where members can dispense medications regardless where they received treatment in their respective regions, the pharmacies in agreement with Al Hayat Medical Centers are:

- Siam Pharmacy / Damascus Gate

- Habash Pharmacy / Al-Waad


- Dar Al Dawa Pharmacy / Herod's Gate

- People's Pharmacy / Damascus Gate

- Jerusalem Pharmacy / Shufat

- Al Arzz Pharmacy / Herod's Gate

- Rahman Pharmacy / Kafr Aqab

- Balsam Pharmacy / Salahuddin Road

- Ram Pharmacy / Ram

- Josa Pharmacy / RAM

- Harhash Pharmacy / Qalandia

- Al- Oma Pharmacy / Suburb

- Al-Aqsa Pharmacy / Bethany

- Al-Huda Pharmacy / Beit Hanina

- Panorama Pharmacy / Ras al-Amud

- Ghassan Pharmacy / Shufat

- Harhash Pharmacy / Issawiya