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Early Detection Device of Breast Cancer


Breast diseases usually seen in mammary gland and any adult woman can be infected by them. Breast cancer is a malignancy which affects some cells that begin to reproduce at random and may spread on to other organs in the body. Most of the breast diseases can be considered as non-cancerous but the doctor is the only one capable of identifying its kind and ways to treat them across multiple tests. The cancer affects some women as a result of several factors, including  heredity (especially from the mother's side), environmental like getting older or having a first child after the age of thirty-five, other factors such as medical treatment by hormone without medical advice, the start of the menstrual cycle at an early age or late menopause. The detection of breast cancer can be done by radiological imaging device and the examination is called mammography which is easy, efficient and painless. Early detection of breast diseases by mammography is safe because it uses only a small amount of radiation. The screening takes only a few minutes.  Every woman should do the exam once every two years after the age of fifty. Early detection of breast cancer increases the chances of recovery, and makes treatment easier and faster.