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Al Hayat Medical Centers



General Administration Shufat ,Main Street, P.O. Box 51036, Code 91510 Jerusale Tel: 02-5827557 Fax: 02-5326839


Al Hayat Medical Center - Al Sheikh Jarrah

Phone 02-5678111  Fax 02-5678106

Al Hayat Medical Center - Shufat

Phone 02-5327111    Fax 02-5324616

Al Hayat Mediacl Center - Beit Hanina

Phone 02-5838701   Fax 02-6560561

Al Hayat Medical Center - Herod's Gate

Phone 02-6277779   Fax 02-6277996

Al Hayat Medical Center - Ras Al- Amud

Phone 02-6262110  Fax 02-6262086

Al Hayat Medical Center - Kofr Aqab

Phone 02-5678130  Fax 02-25678136




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